Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just the After

I only have the after for this desk. I looked everywhere, but could not find the before. I can tell you that it was originally wood, then I painted it black. My husband used it for a couple of years, for his work desk. Then we moved into a smaller house, and I reclaimed it for my furniture business.

For the reinvention, I took the following steps:
1. Stripped the top, and restained with walnut stain.
2. Painted the bottom light grey, then dark grey.
3. Decoupaged the drawer fonts with pretty paper.
4. Added beautiful new red knobs.
5. Before the knobs, I heavily distressed the drawer fronts.
6. Added protective wax to the bottom half, and poly to the wood top.

And viola. . .


Working on a space where I can stage my photographs, and saving for a nice camera! Funny, I had a nicer camera in college then I do now. Where is that camera you ask, I drove for 3 miles with it on top of my car
 . . . until it met it's doom and fell off. That was 10 years ago, when I used my financial aid money. Now I must use my patience, and save like an adult.

Hope you enjoyed this "After" edition!

My daughter loves this, and secretly hopes it won't sell. Where she thinks she is going to put in her tiny bedroom, only she knows. I think I have a buyer for her in Alabama. I love when my furniture finds a good home.

Inspiration for the day. . .

Picture by:ME

What else is there to say? An old barn, beautiful purple weeds, and in the middle of "nowhere", I call that HOME!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My first blog post!


. . . and After
Pretty Inside
And Out
And Pretty Inside Again
And Out. . .Last Time!!!
Wait I have to show the knob close up. . .