Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's Been a While

Well it has been a month since I posted. Would love to say that it was because we were laying the hardwood floors, and had to move out the entire living room.

But, that is only part of the reason. I did give up the internet for a week! Just been trying to figure out my direction. I do have a new dresser to showcase

Sorry about the poor quality, I just took a quick picture in the garage. This was a great piece given to me by my husband's cousin (I know another great free piece).

I had to take the vaneer off the top, it was very tedious, but I love the way the wood looks underneath.I wanted to go in a new direction, basically I wanted to paint it another color besides blue. So, I went with my second favorite color. . .

Well before I get to that I will show you the knobs I picked out.

The dresser looks a lot like the shape of this one. . .

But, I went with a different color scheme, well anyway enough blabbing here is the new and improved, reinvented to look old dresser. . .

I think my close ups are good, but I still can't get a good wide angle shot. So any big name camera company out there, if you want to send a girl a really nice camera, she would be perfectly fine with that. I think the dresser looks a little plain. I really like the top, but the bottom looks plain. Any suggestions?

On a side note, if you try to go to my facebook page, I have deactivated the account. I felt that I should get rid of my Facebook account. Why? you ask, or maybe you don't care why. Well I must share anyway. . .My girls are not allowed to have Facebook accounts, so to lead by example I turned mine off. I do have an account set up for the store but, it is linked with my personal account. Not sure if I want to keep this open, and honestly I don't know how to only have that one open. Anyone have an idea how to turn off just your personal account, maybe I will contact Facebook. Have a wonderful day. Oh I thought this was cute, the place where I have my booth set up is having a candy cane sell this weekend. Basically you just put candy canes on the items that are marked down in your booth. I love the idea, or maybe I just always have loved candy canes. Well, anyway have a great day. I am going to start posting more often. . .so until the next before and after!

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