Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's Been a While

Well it has been a month since I posted. Would love to say that it was because we were laying the hardwood floors, and had to move out the entire living room.

But, that is only part of the reason. I did give up the internet for a week! Just been trying to figure out my direction. I do have a new dresser to showcase

Sorry about the poor quality, I just took a quick picture in the garage. This was a great piece given to me by my husband's cousin (I know another great free piece).

I had to take the vaneer off the top, it was very tedious, but I love the way the wood looks underneath.I wanted to go in a new direction, basically I wanted to paint it another color besides blue. So, I went with my second favorite color. . .

Well before I get to that I will show you the knobs I picked out.

The dresser looks a lot like the shape of this one. . .

But, I went with a different color scheme, well anyway enough blabbing here is the new and improved, reinvented to look old dresser. . .

I think my close ups are good, but I still can't get a good wide angle shot. So any big name camera company out there, if you want to send a girl a really nice camera, she would be perfectly fine with that. I think the dresser looks a little plain. I really like the top, but the bottom looks plain. Any suggestions?

On a side note, if you try to go to my facebook page, I have deactivated the account. I felt that I should get rid of my Facebook account. Why? you ask, or maybe you don't care why. Well I must share anyway. . .My girls are not allowed to have Facebook accounts, so to lead by example I turned mine off. I do have an account set up for the store but, it is linked with my personal account. Not sure if I want to keep this open, and honestly I don't know how to only have that one open. Anyone have an idea how to turn off just your personal account, maybe I will contact Facebook. Have a wonderful day. Oh I thought this was cute, the place where I have my booth set up is having a candy cane sell this weekend. Basically you just put candy canes on the items that are marked down in your booth. I love the idea, or maybe I just always have loved candy canes. Well, anyway have a great day. I am going to start posting more often. . .so until the next before and after!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blue Washstand. . .

So I asked a woman at my booth if I paint to many things blue, she said no that's your speciality. Yeah I thought, I always hear about "niche" in the business world. Blue is going to be mine! I just want the world to know I can, and will paint other colors. I am not prejudice against non blue furniture! Well regardless I am going to roll with it. . .or at least until it goes out of style. Any hoo without futher ado this is my most recent "before/after"!

My husbands cousin, gave me this piece(Thanks Shannon). It is for sale in my shop!
Have an awesome day!!!



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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I love owls! I just wanted to showcase a little guy I found that I just listed in my shop. I think he is super adorable.

I love shopping for furniture, but I think I have always had a love affair with vintage decor, clothes, jewlry, and purses. I mean even before they were vintage. I have always liked this stuff. I am thinking of reopening my first store on ETSY, it was called Not so Vanilla, and sale the above mentioned items out of it. . .hmm!
If anyone is actually reading this post still, I need a prayer for guidance and direction!
Have a great day!
Hope you enjoyed the vintage owl!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blue Chairs

Well I have been missing in action, not really just have not blogged in almost a month. I actually think I have been in a creative rut, well really a rut period. . .not sure if it was creative or not! Anyway I have had alot on my mind. I have been thinking alot lately, well my husband tells me I actually have to much time to think. I have always been a thinker, or I like to say a dreamer. Anyway, I had posted earlier that I wanted this blog to become a little more personal. So, I should tell you what I have been trying to figure out. I think I mentioned I was trying to get into nursing school...well I got in, and I got out. After months of deliberation, I just felt that it wasn't what I really wanted to do. I think I would be really good at most aspects of nursing. . .its just that it is not my dream. It was a way to make good money, and then I would probaly get to pursue my dream...which to remind you, is to open my own painted furniture store. I do have a step in that direction, a little booth I rent in my hometown. I really enjoy making things to put in it, and when I make a sale, well that makes it that much better. I will show you some of my booth pictures.

"Sisters and Friends"
That is the name of the store my booth is in.
So, this post is called "Blue Chairs" and I have yet to even mention chairs, or let alone blue chairs. Well, I did it as a tutorial.
The pictures can tell the story.

This photo reveals my little secret...

They are not quite finished, I still need to paint the outsides of the wood slats, and adhere them to the chair. I have been working on this project for so long, I just wanted to cheat a little and pretend I was done. Is cheating a little, like lying a little. . . it's still a lie.

So anyway, you may wonder why I just did not recover, well I tried and it just did not look right. The other thing, why would you use oil base is such a pain. Well that is because I am all about reusing old wood, and this wood was from our old entertainment center we tore down because it was to small for our tv, and it was already painted with oil base paint.

With that being said, did you notice the floors in the living room? That is what we did this past weekend. Tore down a wall and tore up the carpet, this last picture is a sneak peak of post to come, the redoing of our living room. . .YEAH!!!

I have alot more things to discuss, or ideas that I have been rolling around in my head! Did you notice the old books in the picture? Well they are a part of what I have been thinking about...

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Upcycled Work Trunk

I do not have any before pictures but, I thought it would be nice to showcase this piece anyway. A friend of mine gave me this piece with several others, in exchange for painting some furniture for her. I am not quite finished with the furniture, but Erin if you are reading I have not forgotten you or your adirondack chairs. She found this in a home her husband flipped. It was built in the 1920's and the man of the house was a shoe repairman. This was his work trunk. I turned it into a coffee table. I think it's adorable and is for sale in my shop!

I even left the hooks he used for his tools.

Knowing the history behind this piece makes me like it even more. I love History, every aspect of it. At one time when I first started college, I was even going to school to be a history teacher. Then life sent me in a diffrent direction hmm.......

Have a good rest of the weekend!