Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Where have you been?

Not that anyone is asking that. . . but the answer is nowhere. The computer has not been hooked up for about a month, due to new floors, wood and then carpet. As I type this I sit on
my master bedroom floor, which is where I finally said enough and hooked up the computer yesterday. The only other furniture in here at the moment is our bed, which is on the floor. Can you say college days? Come to think of it, my college bedrooms were not this bad. But, I am very positive that all this is going to pay off, when we sell the house in a few months and are DEBT FREE!!!
So since my absolute favorite thing to see is before and afters, here is my most recent. This coffee table is my brother-in-laws (Zack). His parents gave him this for his first apartment. To make the story full circle, my oldest daughter spilled nail polish remover on the top, while painting her nannie's fingernails, and ruined it. They gave it to him, and then he asked me to redo it. He picked out the color, and I said the rest was up to me. Yes you read that right "I" said. Well I love how she turned out, I hope he will like it, he told me on the phone he is sure he will like it (sweet kid)!



Not sure about the knobs, bought different ones but...don't like those either. I am just going to have to come up with something!

Hope you have a great day!!!