Monday, August 22, 2011

Chalkboard or Picture Frame

One of my daughters, has been asking me since registration to make her a chalkboard for her locker. I kept telling her I would work on it, then I would find myself working on things for my shop. So today was the day, and I felt inspired. I actually was inspired by her. She had been tearing out old book pages, and making flowers for her hair from them. So, I came up with the following chalkboard, and decided I would also put it in my ETSY shop.
I think it turned out so cute, and if she doesn't like it, I will get to try again tomorrow!

Pretty cute right? I guess if you like that kind of stuff....which I DO!!!

Well have a great day, I am heading out to meet the bus. Cross your fingers that she likes it!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Etsy Sale This Weekend!

Hey everybody, just wanted to let everyone know I was having an Etsy sale this weekend! Everything in the store is 25% off. Why you ask, because sales are fun!!! Check it out if your interested, have a good weekend!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

No furniture Just Pretties. . .

I don't have any furniture to showcase this week. But, I do have some pictures of some mirrors I have been working on. I have always loved mirrors, all types especially wood. So this new found love for plastic is really throwing me for a loop. I think most people would put plastic, in the cheap category. I know my husband did when I told him I had bought 7 new plastic resin mirrors. But these are different they are syroco, which is a very hard plastic. You can't even tell that they are plastic unless you touch them, and they really are beautiful! Well without further ado, the pretties. . .

Oh, if your interested in purchasing just push shop on the right sidebar.

Just thought about this it has nothing to do with mirrors, but I wanted to mention it if you have not heard of "The Great Recovery" check it out!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dresser Obsession

All the years I have been reinventing furniture, I find that dressers are my very favorite. I am not really sure why, could be a few reasons. Like for one, I can move most of them without help. I think the main reason is their like accessories, but for your home. They are that little added touch, you can add to just about any room. Just like you add that cute scarf, or that perfect pair of earrings, and lets not forget when you find that perfect necklace. It (the dresser), can pull a whole room together. Okay enough, just get to the pictures!

The Brown Goodwill Dresser Before:

The perfect scarf:

and the perfect necklace. . .

Not to forget the perfect coat or cadigan...what else but chippy paint?

All the acessories make for a really cute look!

I wasn't going to put such nice accessories (knobs), on such an inexpensive piece of furniture but, I think every girl, I mean piece of furniture deserves some great jewelry, I mean knobs.

On, a side note Canon or Nikon send me a new great camera so my furniture will be as pretty in pictures as it is in person!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just Etsy Today

I thought I would showcase some of my Etsy items for sale. I would like to start showcasing other sellers as well, but I must get more organized!

I think there maybe a pattern here! Just to show I can do another color beside white or blue! Paying patronage to my high school alma mater. . .

Go Bombers!
It's so fun blogging, I can say and do whatever I want!
Hope you have a good day!
I am off to buy bubble wrap and find some goodies for my shop!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Inspiration

They say that you are inspired by your surroundings. I guess that is true, for my last dresser. The following are pictures of my neighbors.

I tried to get a picture of this old white painted barn that I sometimes drive by, but as you can see from the lack of pictures that did not happen.

Well you get the idea! This lovely lady is beach bound for Georgia (thanks Kara). Hope everyone has a GREAT day!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trash to Treasure Tuesday

Thought it would be fun to show how junk can be turned into something with a purpose...

I started out with an old junk dresser, that even I would not redo. For those who know me, that means it was in horrible shape. The good thing about the dresser, was that the drawers were in good condition. Also the same paint job that was on this dresser, was on a previous dresser I have already reinvented, and sold to a fabulous couple expecting there first. I am waiting back for a picture of it, in their nursery. But for now here is a picture.

First thing you need for this project is a solid piece of wood.
Like I said I used the dresser drawer front.

Then beat it with a rubber mallet, and make a beautiful pile of wood like the one below.

I then had my solid piece of wood to work with.

I covered the old paint with a white wash of light grey.

I allowed it to dry in the sun, oh about a minute, or lets say long enough to check and see what the kids were doing. I then sanded it with an electrical sander, to reveal the old paint.

I took the piece back inside, and found a bit to drill holes for the screws.

Okay I am a big fat liar, my husband did that part for me. The next step is to add a coat of wax for protection, and a little bit of shine.

Then add the new hooks and you are done! A brand new coat rack!

Or, you could just be lazy and go over to the right side bar and press shop. That will take you to my Etsy store and you can purchase a coat rack there.

On a side note, all these products I used, I am not getting paid for them. But, if someone wants me to use their product by all means hurry before I get famous and set in my ways! (LOL)