Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dresser Obsession

All the years I have been reinventing furniture, I find that dressers are my very favorite. I am not really sure why, could be a few reasons. Like for one, I can move most of them without help. I think the main reason is their like accessories, but for your home. They are that little added touch, you can add to just about any room. Just like you add that cute scarf, or that perfect pair of earrings, and lets not forget when you find that perfect necklace. It (the dresser), can pull a whole room together. Okay enough, just get to the pictures!

The Brown Goodwill Dresser Before:

The perfect scarf:

and the perfect necklace. . .

Not to forget the perfect coat or cadigan...what else but chippy paint?

All the acessories make for a really cute look!

I wasn't going to put such nice accessories (knobs), on such an inexpensive piece of furniture but, I think every girl, I mean piece of furniture deserves some great jewelry, I mean knobs.

On, a side note Canon or Nikon send me a new great camera so my furniture will be as pretty in pictures as it is in person!


  1. it looks sooo much better! love those unexpected blue rose knobs!

  2. Goodness those are beautiful knobs! Wonderful job.