Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trash to Treasure Tuesday

Thought it would be fun to show how junk can be turned into something with a purpose...

I started out with an old junk dresser, that even I would not redo. For those who know me, that means it was in horrible shape. The good thing about the dresser, was that the drawers were in good condition. Also the same paint job that was on this dresser, was on a previous dresser I have already reinvented, and sold to a fabulous couple expecting there first. I am waiting back for a picture of it, in their nursery. But for now here is a picture.

First thing you need for this project is a solid piece of wood.
Like I said I used the dresser drawer front.

Then beat it with a rubber mallet, and make a beautiful pile of wood like the one below.

I then had my solid piece of wood to work with.

I covered the old paint with a white wash of light grey.

I allowed it to dry in the sun, oh about a minute, or lets say long enough to check and see what the kids were doing. I then sanded it with an electrical sander, to reveal the old paint.

I took the piece back inside, and found a bit to drill holes for the screws.

Okay I am a big fat liar, my husband did that part for me. The next step is to add a coat of wax for protection, and a little bit of shine.

Then add the new hooks and you are done! A brand new coat rack!

Or, you could just be lazy and go over to the right side bar and press shop. That will take you to my Etsy store and you can purchase a coat rack there.

On a side note, all these products I used, I am not getting paid for them. But, if someone wants me to use their product by all means hurry before I get famous and set in my ways! (LOL)

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  1. Very cute, I love the owls! I hope you will come show this off at my VIP Party today. http://designergarden.blogspot.com/2011/08/vip-party-22.html