Thursday, August 18, 2011

No furniture Just Pretties. . .

I don't have any furniture to showcase this week. But, I do have some pictures of some mirrors I have been working on. I have always loved mirrors, all types especially wood. So this new found love for plastic is really throwing me for a loop. I think most people would put plastic, in the cheap category. I know my husband did when I told him I had bought 7 new plastic resin mirrors. But these are different they are syroco, which is a very hard plastic. You can't even tell that they are plastic unless you touch them, and they really are beautiful! Well without further ado, the pretties. . .

Oh, if your interested in purchasing just push shop on the right sidebar.

Just thought about this it has nothing to do with mirrors, but I wanted to mention it if you have not heard of "The Great Recovery" check it out!

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