Thursday, March 22, 2012

Last Weekend

I finally got around to uploading some of the pictures I took last weekend. The hubby and I went away for the weekend. Before I show the pictures, (which I only have a couple today) let me just say that I am IN LOVE with this area. I lived about 20 minutes from here at one time, and have never been here. Well when I say in love I mean it. I have never felt this way about a place before. I know Josh thinks it is just another one of my crazy ideas, BUT I am serious I want to live here. It will have to be after the kids are graduated from school, but I can wait. I can't wait to go back! We stayed in Franklin Tennessee, and visited downtown Franklin, and Leiper's Fork (where I want to live). When I got to Leiper's Fork this pulled up outside the restaurant. . .

This is my dream car, and it's even painted the perfect shade of blue.

This is where we stayed. . .
I haven't got permission yet to give all the details but, if they do I will post more. This place was PERFECT! Josh and I both loved it, and gushed about it over and over.

We drove past this place several times, on the last day I asked Josh to pull over so I could take the picture. They had the most amazing garage, I should have taken a picture. I told Josh it was his and her garages, that would be absolute Heaven!

Yes the upstairs of the house is crooked. . .

Well, back to painting the living room! We will be listing in August, and even though that is months away, it will probaly take us that long to get everything done!

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