Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Labor of Love

One of my best friends is moving back home. Well to her home, all the way back to Oregon. She asked me for one simple request, paint this and make it look better!

In return, I got a cute little vintage desk, and an antique table. I am going to reinvent them for my booth. She said I could do whatever I wanted. I got scared and called her after the first coat! She still told me, to do what I wanted. So....I did!

Not sure if she is going to like the one single blue drawer.It it supposed to represent me, I hope she gets it. She will have to make up her mind quick, they pull out of this great state tomorrow! So, it was truely a "labor of love". I feel like I worked harder on this piece, and had more worry then any other except, maybe the table and chairs I did for my sister. I really feel like the dresser is a true representation of myself, and I am very proud of her!

And as for Emily, I will miss you so VERY much! You are a true friend, and I learned many of life lessons from you. One of the biggest things you gave me, was the introduction to Dave Ramsey, and that in itself has changed my views on the way we do things forever! I have been very emotional sitting in my garage the last few days, working and reflecting back on times spent with my freind! Emily and Derek you are great people! You are selfless, giving, hard working, real, honest, and FUN! I don't think I have had a grown-up relationship friend move away. . .this stinks! I LOVE you guys! I wish you the best...I know you must be overjoyed to finally be going "HOME"!


  1. loving the color combination and the new hardware on this piece- it all works together so well for an awesome rustic look!

  2. I'm sure Emily will love it! You did a very creative and amazing job. I'm your newest follower stop by for a blog visit!