Thursday, September 1, 2011

Having Fun With Picnik and Etsy

I love fooling around with my Etsy listings, and trying to make cool pictures out of them. When I was 12, my dream was to work for National Geographic as a photographer. When I went to college, I changed my major from Education to Graphic Communications, because it had alot of required photography courses. After I had my daughter and became a single mom, I gave up the dream of being a freelance photographer! I killed my Nikon camera in college, by driving several miles with it on top of my car. . . it eventually fell off. Now, I shoot with a little digital camera that my husband and I got for free on a cruise we took (how? story later). Anyways my point is, I do have a camera fund, or should say envelope (thanks Dave Ramsey), but for now my little point and shoot and picnik is all I need for hours of fun!

Here are some pictures I took of new listings, and then the after shots with manipulation. I really like the reindeer one! I think maybe I should try selling these hmm.......we shall see!

After. . .

Just the After on this one

Before as listing on ETSY

And the After, I really LOVE this, like really LOVE!!!

~Have a good day~

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