Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Believe. . .Part 2


So yesterday my post was to tell the world that for the year of 2012, my word is believe. I think that it is the perfect word for this year. I believe the Lord has shown me several things over the past months. Some things he has been repeating over and over for the last few years (yes you guessed it, I am very stubborn). Now, I have to take this information and believe. In other words I have to have faith, agree, let go, and take steps in the new things I am BELIEVING in.

#1 We will be totally debt free in 2012, and I mean owe nobody anything! This will take place after the sale of our home, which will be the focus of alot of my post, the before and afters!

#2 I can with the Lord's help loose weight and get back in shape. . .could I dare say maybe even better then when I was in high school!

#3 I can make this business a success, even when I have set backs! I can make a good income, not just sale a few things here and there!

#4 IF I want to go back to school and become a RN, I can, and be a good one!

5# My secret, will become a reality!

6# I am believing and praying for my husband everyday that he can achieve the presidents club (this is a secret 2, well at least from him)!

Well, if I think of more I will add later. Tomorrow I am going to reveal our new hardwood floors. . .they are beautiful I must say!!!

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