Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Living Room Floors

I said I would reveal our new living room floors today, but before I show you the after I must show you were we began.

In the corner was a built-in for the tv, it was very nice but, our tv didn't fit. We also wanted to try and open up the space, so we knocked it down, and that was the best part. I really enjoy demolition not so much the clean up, or the putting back together. We then had this.

The next step was to rip up the carpet, which turned into a much bigger project then expected. Because ripping up the carpet turned into this. . .

We had rotted subfloor. There must have been a leak, or flood when the previous owners had this home. My husband and his brother ripped up all the old subfloors and replaced with new. Which I might add is very tedious and hard work. I am grateful I did not have to do this part. They also had to add a new joist under the fireplace for support.

When my sister and her boys came to stay for Thanksgiving, we had no furniture, only subfloors down, and tape to cover the cracks. I worried about it for all of two seconds. My sister is very low manitence, and her kids could care less. All the kids shacked up in the bedrooms, and were just happy to be together. I wish I could have a kid's mentality more often. They see the world so much differently then we do. Well anyway back to the floors. Here they are finished, I think they turned out great! I love them! They have so much character, and the new owner's (whomever you might be) will be sure and love them.

Josh's dad and uncle installed them for free! THANKS!!! Josh and I sanded and added the three coats of poly. They are 6 inch hickory #2's. Which Josh picked out, because I was so overwhelmed by the choices. He has great taste, and I was able to release control, something I am working on.

My mom is in this week from North Dakota, and I am taking her back to Nashville to catch a flight. I am really wanting to visit some shops while I am down there, but not sure if I can fit it in. Today I am back at my booth working, I will try and remember to take pictures while I am there. We are having a red heart event this weekend, and I want to add a few things.

Hoping you have a wonderful day!

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