Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gaining Confidence

I am really not sure what happened to me in the last quarter of the year. October is my favorite month, but after that November and December seemed low. I told Josh I think that I do this every year. It is a roller coaster, and next year I am not taking the ride. But, that is behind me and I am feeling confident.

My sales at my booth are up, and I have decided that I am going to start my Etsy store back up. Here is what I am most excited for. . . I found a shop that is perfect for my furniture. I just snooped around the last time I was there, and introduced myself and what I do, you know planted the seed. I am going to put a portfolio together, and show it to the shop owner. Hopefully she will like my stuff, and I can start selling. Fingers crossed, please oh please let her like my creations.

Well I have a little teaser for today. I had hoped to be done with this yesterday, BUT you will have to wait for the reveal tomorrow.
I was half way done with painting it, when I tore off part of the vaneer (oh vaneer how I hate, I mean really dislike thee). But, I know it will turn out much better then expected now. The following pictures are the before and during process, tomorrow I will show you the finished product.

I don't know where my husband gets that I am so messy!

I tore off the bottom. She will get new legs tonight.

This is the route I am going, come back tomorrow and check her out!

Remember I am Believing in 100 followers by the end of the month. Considering it is the 25th, I am now holding out for a miracle!

Have a great day!

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